Arrived BVIs

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Just a quick note to say Anahata has arrived safe and sound in Virgin Gorda, BVIs yesterday Thursday 27 November. I have just completed my first ocean 850 mile passage. Dreams do come true. Or as my mate Tara would say Wousa we made it. The last 18 hours were really interesting as one of […]

Bermuda to BVIs

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Bermuda to BVIs

The engine was fixed in Bermuda by a genius of a mechanic from Sri Lanka. Its electronic shut-off switch has a solenoid that is activated but, unfortunately, the spring that pulled the switch back had become stretched and so did not pull back enough, resulting in the engine alway trying to shut down. As my […]

400 detour to Bermuda

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Anahata has had a bit of adventure over the last week. When we were 400 miles south of Hampton, Virginia, the engine would not start. Result was we had to sail 400 nautical miles to Bermuda with limited battery power. The good news is we got here safely at 8:00 Monday night. Because we had […]

inReach message from David Hartman

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Anahata all 350M south bermuda 500M 2 Go. Fun yesterday gooseneck bolt came out as get dark took 1Hr sq away View the location or send a reply to David Hartman: David Hartman sent this message from: Lat 26.863418 Lon -64.332568 Do not reply directly to this message. This message was sent to you […]

We have left

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What a day. All started really good getting minute stuff done: stowing things away, lifting and stowing dinghy, putting back in the second reef, and fill up water. That’s when things fell apart the through hull for the holding tank decided that it did not want to open. 3 hours later had to completely pull […]

Departing for BVIs Monday

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Everyone is getting excited. The storm has blown through and we are just waiting for the seas to settle down. Hopefully we will get midday early afternoon. The forcast is that we will be sailing for the first 24 hours and then might have to motor sail to get across the gulf as the wind […]

Weather delay

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A big storm is coming through the area late tomorrow so have delayed our departure from Sunday to Monday to give the sea state a time to calm down. Will keep you informed as the patterns become clearer over the next 2 days. Dana, Whit and I went and did our big provision today. $700 […]

Hampton, VA: prepping to head offshore

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Hampton, VA: prepping to head offshore

Had 2 days of great sailing plus 1 day motoring from Annapolis to Hampton, Virginia. Arrived here on Saturday and am going through the final stages of prepping Anahata to head offshore to BVIs. My crew for the next leg Dana Beeton and Whit Webster are flying in from Toronto over the next two days. […]

Lake Ontario – Annapolis Pics

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I have Wifi in a great Irish pub in Annapolis here are more pics from the first leg of the trip. Two violinists jamming in the pub. could be dwight in Grahamstown.    

Pics of Anahata leaving New York

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Pics of Anahata leaving New York

Many thanks to sv Otter for the pics. We sailed out The Narrows together. Great to be back in salt water I think Anahata felt the same. Chris Sumton was steering as I sorted out the reefing lines and topping lift.