BVIs to Jamaica

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BVIs to Jamaica

Apologies for being so tardy on floating classroom website. BVI stay turned into a blur, between doing boat projects and dancing.

After all the frustration in the trip down from the states when I ran out of power because the engine would not start, I decided to bite the bullet and install more solar panels and wind generator. Finally with the help of a shipwright friend we tracked down the deck leak turned out to be between the deck and the hatch moulding. net result had to get the ceiling panels in the galley rebuilt as they had rotted out. also had to get the dinghy repaired which took a month. thankfully the repairer was able to let me a dinghy. without a dinghy you can’t exist as a cruising boat living on anchor.

I ended stay in BVI until two weeks ago, when a friend Steve Hills from QCYC in Toronto helped me sail from Jost van Dyke, BVIs to Kingston Jamaica. the trip was alot easier than the trip south. We had winds between 12 -15 for 3 days then had to motor for 41 hours as 0 wind and final sail the last 24 hrs.

We arrived in Jamaica on sunday, after 5 days reprovisioning I am about to leave for San Blas Islands, Panama. This leg I will be doing by myself again. After speaking to Chris Parker, the weather guy, this morning the weather for the first bit should be easy and with the winds picking up in a couple of days.

I will send updates via my inreach tracking device along the way.

Here is an actual page that you can track ANAHATA’s movements.

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  1. Kerry Teskey
    January 23, 2015

    Hi David. Great to hear from you. I will follow your progress on the InReach system. Best Wishes.


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