Rig to pump out fuel from taks

Cleaning Fuel tanks

Another busy day on Anahata. Lubricated through hulls and cleaned the fuel tanks. The marina came through again and lent me a portable fuel pump and a 50 gallon drum. After pumping out 50 gallons of diesel from tanks revealed the problem, 2 inches of rust and sludge in the bottom of the tank. The [...]

After waxing

Spring cleaning begins

After a 6 months long winter finally back on Anahata at Lake Breeze Marina in Oak Orchard, New York State. Spend the first afternoon removing the tarp and moving things around so I at least had a place to sleep. She came through the winter really well no leaks and no mold. I guess a [...]


Packing her up for trucking

Took 3 days to take everything off Anahata’s deck so that she would fit under the bridges. the height requirement was 12′ 6″. It meant that we had to remove pushpit, pullpit, radar arch, dodger, Bimini, Boom Gallows and all the stanchions. The Port Annapolis Marina help taking down the mast, after which I was [...]



Welcome to the rebirth of the Floating Classroom. Please meet  Anahata, my new home and partner. She is a beautiful Passport 42. I will be recording all the trials and tribulations as get her ready this summer as I prepare to sail around the world. I purchased her in September last year 2013 in Annapolis, [...]