Replacing the chainplates.

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Replacing the chainplates.

When I had a survey done we picked a high moisture reading on the side of the hull which was strange then I looked up and noticed that it was directly below the shrouds. On further research through the passport user group discovered this was a known issue. The chainplates ever encapsulated into the hull which meant once water got into the pocket around the SS chainplates it could not get out. I agreed with some of the other Passport owner that the best solution was to cut out the chainplates and replace them with new ones.

It was not an easy project first I had to cut out the nice teak backs of the cupboards in the saloon. The using a Fein Oscillating tool cut out the chainplates. This process about 3 days. Next step was to figure out how to remove the through hull bolts which it turned out were hidden below the rub rail on the outside. I thought about removing the entire rubrail but quickly canned that project as it was bolted the hull and would have required removing the entire interior.

eventually figured a way of locating where the through hull bolts were located under the rubrail by using a very small drill bit. by drilling a series of holes close together was able to figure out where the metal was and where it was not. I then drilled a 1′ 1/2″ in hole saw.

As I did not want to take down the mast I only removed 3 chainplate on each side at a time. There are 4 on each side. Took them of to Bob at RS automation would cut new SS chainplates using a water jet. When I installed them I added 2 additional through bolts in every chainplate.  I think it looks pretty good. I still have to install cupboard back and plug the holes in the rubrail, at least I could go sailing.



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